Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions.

Why doesn't LS use web-execution technology?

People frequently claim that web-based design and execution technology is more secure, however, that isn't a high contrast and could be fixed easily. Nevertheless, LS Script Hub has discovered cutting-edge alternatives for in-game execution that provide the same security since it is a major priority for our customers.

Why doesn't LS have a web-dashboard?

Imagine having to navigate to a landing page, log in, and complete a captcha in just to view your current account metrics. No, you paid for LS Script Hub to execute code. So why waste time on pointless waiting and so on when you can get it all from Discord? The talking app you use every day has your current stats, games, and everything with a few clicks.

Why should we use LS instead of other "major" serversides?

The bulk of games are available at LS Script Hub. We are pretty generous in terms of what you are allowed to do. When compared to other serversides, we actually let you do a lot and give you access to large player games if you compare our offers in our cost.
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